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Ifa Initiations in Isara Remo Nigeria

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Ejugbona of Isara Remo (Ijebu, Nigeria)

Baba was born into the Ifa Religion. At the age of 4,
he received his Itefa ( Ifa initiation).
At that time, the young Awo started his training with his father.
After many years of trainig with him, he continued his studies
in different parts of Nigeria with several other Ifa Masters
(note: In Nigeria it is common to live with your
Ifa Masters during the years of training with them). With many years
of experience and training in the Ifa Religion, he was granted the title of Babalawo. With considerable time, hard work and dedication as a practicing Babalawo, he now holds the position as the Ejugbona of Isara Remo, Nigeria.
Chief Babalawo Efuwape Olatunji
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